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Vodka «Virin Light»Vodka «Virin special»Gift box
Vodka «Virin Light»
Vodka «Virin special»
Gift box

Vodka «Virin»

Premium category product with no analogues on the Russian market. Baikalpharm is the first vodka company which has offered a product focused on younger consumer. . Use of advanced technologies unified with stylish design and branding has allowed the company to create something new and demanding. «Virin» is a bright product for the new generation.

Alcohol by volume (ABV) 40%

Ingredients: rectified ethyl spirit of "Luxe" category, purified drinking water, fructose, lactose, millet infusion, iodized salt.


500 mL, 750 mL & 1L.


- Star of Prodexpo "Prodexpo – 2008", Moscow
- Silver medal "Drinks Industry – 2007", Moscow
- Gold medal "Interdrink – 2006", Moscow

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