Russika with Russia in heart

Sweet liquor «Russika Prunes aroma»

Sweet liquor «Russika Prunes aroma» is a drink for lovely young ladies who always prefer sweet liquors which became an integral part of a celebratory feast or heart-to-heart talks of girlfriends. That’s why specifically for fine ladies Baikalpharm has created an exclusive sweet liquor "Russika Prunes aroma". In this drink pleasant hardly knitting taste of a cherry is diluted by a gentle berry juice of prunes. The best part in replete and thorny aroma is brought by essence of bitter almonds.

Alcohol by volume (ABV) 20%

Ingredients: rectified ethyl spirit of "Extra" category, purified drinking water, sugar, prunes juice, cherry juice, bilberry juice, infusion of cherry, lemon acid Å330, vanillin and essence of bitter almonds. Sugar: 20 grams per 100 cubic centimeters


500 mL


- Glavniy Priz (“main prize” for English) "Prodexpo – 2007", Moscow
- Gold medal "Interdrink – 2006", Moscow
- Gold medal "Prodsib – 2006", Novosibirsk

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Sweet liquor «Russika Prunes aroma»

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