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Balm "Buryatia"

Balm "Buryatia" is a fine drink for true admirers of medicinal tinctures. This balm contains extracts of curative grasses collected in isolated areas of Buryatia. Combination of aromatic vegetative raw materials and natural components impacts balm’s magic relish and delightful aroma. The recipe was developed by Baikalpharm technologists and food biotechnology experts from National Russian Academy of Science. Small amount of balm “Buryatia” poured into drink (from tea and coffee to mineral water and vodka) dramatically transforms its taste. This drink is being manufactured only at Baikalpharm’s facilities.

Alcohol by volume (ABV) 40%

Ingredients include twenty five natural vegetative raw materials: coriander, calendula, juniper pad, pepper mint, pine needles etc., berry juices of dogrose and mountain ash, rectified ethyl spirit of "Extra" category, sugar, purified drinking water, natural honey, vanillin, orange, lemon and anise essence.


500 mL


- Gold medal "Lenexpo – 2005", St.-Petersburg
- Silver medal "Wine-vodka-tobacco – 2004", Sochi

Balm "Amrita"

Balm "Buryatia"

Balsam «Buryatia» Jubilee series

Gift box with two balms