The legend about Daughter of Baikal

Father Baikal nourished and protected his daughter with love. One day, when Baikal has fallen asleep, Angara run away to her young man — Yenisey.
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Design from Paco Rabanne

7 November 2008

The product which design was developed by famous couturier Paco Rabanne will be introduced by Baikalpharm in 2009. The well-known fashion designer has offered Baikalpharm to work together on a new product that will be targeting a specific group of consumers, those who perceive vodka not just a drink, but a part of some kind modern cultural segment. Collaboration with the great master is one more step towards national distribution. Baikalpharm’s CEO Mikhail Matkhanov had a meeting with Paco Rabanne in Moscow earlier this year, where they have signed a mutual agreement as long-term business partners. Paco Rabanne brands are well known all over the world. He creates exclusive collections of clothing, accessories, jewellery, perfume and now vodka. The idea to become a designer for a traditional Russian alcoholic drink has inspired the couturier: “I am very delighted to meet people like you with such unique insight on current alcohol market trends” – he told Mr. Matkhanov during their meeting. “I think that it will turn out to become one of my most successful projects“ – he concluded.