The legend about Daughter of Baikal

Father Baikal nourished and protected his daughter with love. One day, when Baikal has fallen asleep, Angara run away to her young man — Yenisey.
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Expedition to Lake Baikal

18 September 2008

August the 20th, 2008, Ulan-Ude – capital of Buryatia, Russia. The winners of the national campaign «Expedition to Lake Baikal» have just arrived from all over Russia. Let us remind that this campaign was conducted in 30 largest Russian cities promoting national brand «Crystal drop». There were over 250 outlets, where you could claim your prize. According to the campaign conditions everyone could collect and bring three caps of «Crystal drop» vodka and get a prize, fill out the form to participate in the contest; and, if lucky enough to become a winner and get a chance to take part in «Expedition to Lake Baikal».

And the winners of «Expedition to Lake Baikal» became: Vadim Bespalov from Kansk (Krasnoyarsk region), Natalia Pankova from Yaroslavl, Victoria Begeeva from Tomsk, Igor Nizovtsev from Omsk and Regina Faizulina from Orenburg. All these lucky winners have got a really unique chance to become a part of an exciting expedition, which route could impress even experienced travelers: Ulan-Ude – Ust-Barguzin – Monahovo – Zmeinnaya bay – Ushkany islands – Olkhon island – Sukhaya village.

All who took part in the expedition received a very wonderful experience; and will remember it forever. Besides unforgettable trip they had an opportunity to meet new people and make good friends. But most important, they were convinced – the water of Lake Baikal is indeed remarkably pure, the water from which vodka «Crystal drop» is made.