The legend about Daughter of Baikal

Father Baikal nourished and protected his daughter with love. One day, when Baikal has fallen asleep, Angara run away to her young man — Yenisey.

History of success

JSC "Baikalpharm" is the largest manufacturer of strong spirits in Siberia and Far East region. Company's fifteen-year history demonstrates its successful development in the alcohol production industry. According to the results for 2007 Baikalpharm succeeded to the second place in Russia in growth dynamics of total volume production. Growth was 60 % - one of the highest indicators in strong spirits production industry not only in Russia, but in the world: from 11,5 million liters in 2006 up to 18,5 million liters in 2007. This increase was due to rapid expansion into new markets both in Siberia and Far East, as well as in the European part of Russia.

Year 2007 became especially successful for the company: the best Russian tax payer, the winner of the federal contest "100 best Russian products", 11th largest domestic producer of strong spirits. Baikalpharm has won numerous awards: Grand-Prix "Interdrink-2006", Grand-Prix "Prodexpo-2007", Grand-Prix "Interdrink-2007", Star "Prodexpo-2008", Gold medal "Best vodka-2008". These awards strongly indicate that now Baikalpharm has become an established player in the Russian alcohol market with the national distribution.

Company's products are being actively traded in the following regions: Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Sverdlovsk, Magadan, Sakhalin, Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Amur, Kamchatka, Khanty-Mansiysk and Yamal-Nenets regions, Krasnoyarsk, Khabarovsk, Sakha-Yakutia, Tatarstan, Khakassia. Average annual growth is approximately 50 %: since 2002 total production per year increased 10 times. And now Russian consumers have a great possibility to discover a new name on the market - company from the shores of Lake Baikal.

In order to achieve this incredible success Baikalpharm had to focus on special consumer requests. Each product is unique and satisfies a particular segment of Russian shopper. Advanced equipment and skilled workers can make any type of product in regards to bottle size and shape, liquid color and taste; and so on, including unusual design and marketing ideas. Today Baikalpharm's priority is manufacturing of premium segment vodka.

Realization of these results would be impossible without quality control. Premium-class vodka with innovative design represents harmonious correlation of old traditions of vodka distillation process and the newest technologies. Utilization of natural food additives soften taste and provide depth to vodka aroma. Quality of water deserves particular attention - it is being taken from 120 meters deep artesian chink. Water has excellent characteristics close to spring water. Baikalpharm technologists say that water preparation process has no analogues in the region. It includes nine phases of purification, softening and iron removal.

In a special compartment spirit unite with water, where a mixture of components is added according to their individual recipe. Before being poured into bottles with Baikalpharm logo on it, it again passes six-step filtration process: basic and thin "polishing". The finished product is tested right on the bottling line; it gives piece of mind regarding quality assurance.

Undoubtedly, product quality is an important element of overall success. But no lesser value has product promotion. The company adheres to time-honored marketing rule: product is made for consumer. Baikalpharm precisely knows what to make, how to make, and, most important, for whom to make.

Each drink is created for its own consumer. Whether it's a brave "Arsenal", an intelligent "Russika", or a bright "Virin". All products of the company have their original concept. Not only the taste and decoration is attached to each drink, but also drink's spirit. The perception of each drink is supported by large-scale promotions. After all it is not enough just to make a good product; it is also necessary to accustom it to the consumer; moreover, to constantly support interest to the brand; and Baikalpharm carries out it perfectly.

The company is actively seeking new trade contacts, and is ready for true mutually profitable long-term partnerships. We can provide valuable commercial approach in everyday business operations, unique product, competent managers and marketing experts. Baikalpharm pays attention to brand new methods of promotion, expands and strengthens its distribution network.