The legend about Daughter of Baikal

Father Baikal nourished and protected his daughter with love. One day, when Baikal has fallen asleep, Angara run away to her young man — Yenisey.

In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas!

"Vodka", as it is easy to guess, is a diminutive form of "voda" (water for English).

It makes 60% of the strongest drink, that's why the quality of water is critical for the final product. The water Russians used to add in "grain wine" (also called vodka in Russia) was "water of life", i.e. natural water was considered only potable water. It is not easy to get the same quality of water in urban conditions. Therefore there is an artesian chink that operates on Baikalpharm's territory. The water basin lies down on 120 meters depth; there is water with excellent characteristics of purity and taste and is similar to spring water.

Baikalpharm's water preparation process has no analogues in the region. Water goes through nine stages of purification, which soften taste and remove various additives, such as iron, salt etc. It is being cleared from bacterial contamination and sediment pollution. Then we get the liquid, quality of which is equal to the highest world standards of alcoholic drinks manufacturing.

But unlike western purification process our water keeps individual taste and optimum salt structure. Stages of refinement, including membranes configuration and silver ions enrichment, is carried out in such manner that Baikalpharm's technologists get absolutely clean water with its natural taste and optimal salt composition.

Taste in harmony & Harmony in taste

And now water is ready to "become one" with spirit. Spirits "Extra" and "Luxe" come from the oldest distillery - Itkulsky distillery from Altay region, which have kept the classical "know-how" of spirit production from perfect wheat without enzymes utilization. We must emphasize that Baikalpharm works only with the best industry suppliers who provide the finest spirits on a regular basis.

Qualitative characteristics of spirit and water are being correlated so that these two main components of strong spirits production make the most harmonious drink. So, in a special compartment spirit unite with water, where a mixture of components is added according to their individual recipe.

And aqueous-alcoholic liquid is ready. But before being poured into bottles with Baikalpharm logo on it, it again passes six-step filtration process: basic and thin "polishing". Preliminary cycle includes filtration of aqueous-alcoholic liquid through layers of the cleanest quartz sand and, most important, birch charcoal.

Next step is so called "bottling booth" - hi-tech completely automated Italian made equipment, where vodka goes through "washing-pouring-sealing". The main advantages of the "bottling booth" are compactness, synchronization, flexibility and commercial effectiveness. We get not only considerable economy of power resources (hot water and steam are now excluded from technological process), but, most important, this whole process is fully environment friendly. This machinery makes bottling process an extremely painless procedure regardless of bottle size and shape and cap type. Moreover, caps with company's logo on it protect Baikalpharm from counterfeit products. Meanwhile, laboratory specialists may check product quality at any stage of production process.

Baikalpharm's main criteria for high quality products are as follows:

  • Best natural ingredients and highly effective technological manufacturing process. Today drinks manufactured by Baikalpharm have all these in full. Potentially it will allow Baikalpharm to produce forty millions liters of strong spirits per year, which goes along with the company's ambitious plans.
  • Salutary force of the generous Siberian nature in combination with the newest "know-how" satisfy any demanding consumer.
  • Stability of quality. We strive not only to keep it on the same level, but to constantly raise it.